Our goal is not only to entertain, but also to set an example, so we strive to take sustainability into account as widely as possible, not only in our programs, but also in the organization of the event. In view of the objectives of the Foundation, KBKA It intends to organize events that meet the challenges of the 20th century and take into account the widest possible range of sustainability aspects, as is the case with the Festival and the Film Festival. Essential conditions for reducing environmental impact include energy and water efficiency, guest transport and travel, sustainable catering and environmentally friendly waste management. Our festival is not only environmentally friendly, but we also try to pay attention to such details that the requirement to save food prevails during catering, the use of local food is also expected if possible, as one of the largest ecological footprints of the event is food and drinks.

However, we are not only environmentally but also animal friendly, so we welcome puppies with their owners at outdoor programs!

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