Thanks to the Hungarian Museum of Natural History, Zsolt Ujvári’s stunning photo exhibition entitled Mysterious Trifles can be seen at the festival. Zsolt Ujvári has been a lover of animals, especially arthropods, since he was a child, and this love took the first time in 18 years, in the form of nature photos. He graduated as a biologist and began his career in an academic research team, where he spent time studying small soil-dwelling creatures and discovering new species. Today, he turns to the criminal sciences and, as an amateur scuba diver, investigates the tiny creatures that are rarely seen so that he can capture their most hidden moments and reveal the secrets of their lives with stories, stories and writings.

On Zsolt’s community page – Zsolt Ujvari Nature Photography – says:

“Not only do I show it, I try to share the knowledge I gained during my university and academic years, as well as the experience I gained as a photographer. Both knowledge and experience only make sense if one can pass it on to others and anyone can draw from it. ”