In 2022, we are looking for the hope of the young nature photographer of the future! The student photo competition will be organized with a renewed theme, the chairman of the jury judging the photos is Bence Máté , the world-famous Hungarian nature photographer, who can be known to the general public as the “invisible nature photographer” , famous for his detective glass photography. In 2010, he won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year, an Oscar for nature photography in London, with his Marvel of Ants. One of the most successful photographers in the history of world competition. He also gained international fame by designing the aforementioned specially designed, semi-permeable mirror ambush, which made shy animals well observable. Bence spent more than a thousand hours a year in his ambush. In 2005, he won the Eric Hosking Award, which was awarded for Best Collection at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. This is the fifth year in a row that his name has been among the winners. He was then asked to be one of the 25 photographers in the Wild Wonders of Europe . Wild Wonders of Europe is the world’s largest photography-based conservation and communication initiative today.

The winner of the Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Association’s (MME) vote “Bird of the Year 20” was the green spoke, so in 2022 the winners of the competition can return home with a statue of green spokes in addition to other valuable prizes.